Day 1

Blog Post created by Marie1970 on May 3, 2017

My Morning started off ok I woke up at 5:30 am normally I would get out of bed and go downstairs outside and smoke a cigarette today I laid in bed prayed and then got out of bed, I dressed and left for work, On my way to work I started feeling all kinds of emotions and getting very irritated I felt like I wanted to cry, so I started breathing and  I prayed again, once at work I sat down with a Co-worker who quit smoking about 2 years ago when she had a heart attack I told her I quit and she has been checking on me and being very supportive, to be honest, I really want to scream! and say F it! just smoke but I realize that smoking has taken control over my life and I want that control back and I understand in order to get my life back I have to stay firm and true to myself!  ...I also thank you guys for all your support I appreciate all of back to work I go and I will give you guys a progress report later today!