Euphoric recall

Blog Post created by Margaretd Champion on Feb 19, 2020

#Beware of euphoric recall,  number 1 offender of nicotine relapse


We all have to watch out when the nicotine addiction monster ties to trick us into remembering only the good part of smoking and never reminds us of all the bad parts.  This is called euphoric recall - #1 offender of nicotine relapse.  


Euphoric recall is that voice you hear during a craving -  the one that says; "one cigarette won't hurt, remember how good it feels to smoke, Nicotine reduces my stress, ah a cigarette after a meal..."


The phenomenon of  Euphoric recall  is recognized by the social scientist and defined as "remembering and exaggerating pleasurable memories of past chemical use episodes and repress bad memories of the drug."  Reference:  Gorski, Terence T. (1989, April). Sober Times: The Recovery Magazine, 3(4). pp.6, 29.  


How to stop a euphoric recall episode.

Preventing nicotine relapse from euphoric recall is simply a  matter of recognizing when we are engaged in magical thinking.    To stop euphoric recall we can;   (add to this list if you want)


  •       Focus on the negative aspects of smoking.
  •       Tell someone (post on this site)  that nicotine addiction is intruding your thoughts - talk about it.  
  •        When we talk about it we are taking away the power of the addiction.
  •       Write down the thoughts, rip them up and throw them away.  
  •       Go for a walk, drink a glass of water.

Recognizing euphoric recall is a powerful nicotine relapse prevention method.  


Keep a list of negative aspects of smoking on your bathroom


         The negative aspects of smoking are (add to the list if you want


  • bad breath
  • chronic colds and bronchitis
  • bad oral health - loss of teeth or gum disease
  • nicotine having control over my every action, my thoughts, my finances

          contributing to an evil empire - the tobacco industry