Blog Post created by MargUcci on Mar 13, 2018

Although I failed my first quit date, I did not leave.  I just stepped away from the quit for a minute with intent to come back to it again.  I may have failed once but I will not fail forever. 


I did better the second time and got further than 24 hours.  Buuuttt then I smoked almost an entire pack of cigarettes in one evening after work that evening.  I have never smoked that much all at once in my life!  I think I was feeling deprived of something.  This quit wasn't entirely my idea--it is being forced by my employer.  I agree that it is a good thing though and I like my job, so I will not poison other people with some lingering fear and feelings of being treated unfairly over quitting.  Those are not positive things to focus on, though I DISTINCTIVELY felt feelings of being deprived and then gluttony when I chain smoked. 


I can do this.  I can win.  I will get there.