Don't wanna be in those shoes

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Sep 10, 2020

Maybe not the exact pair...but yep, been there done that~


I've had the thoughts, " one won't hurt.....I can have a couple and be okay"

Lets be won't happen. We both now it so don't even think you kidding anyone, least yourself.


I've had those 'bad times'..." You cant even begin to imagine how ****** my day has been...I mean . so and so was horrible to me....I  am deathly loved one is deathly ill....I lost a loved one.... I lost a beloved pet.....My brain is misfiring ( Ugh, that happens a lot to me....) My kids hate me....I hate me.....I am having bad life experience.....I am depressed by the politics, by COVID, by the press, by the very people I call friends......and the list goes on.....Care to add to it?... Be my guest....

What can you do a out it. Not a damn thing. And guess what, smoking it away just gives you one less day of freedom. So you end up cheating yourself. Hows that for a dose of reality.?


listen, winter is coming soon enough. I myself prefer STEWING in the just tastes better, if ya follow. Theres enough crap going on in the world so lets focus on what we CAN CHANGE, and quit focus on what we can't.

 YOU CAN CHOOSE to not smoke. Lets start there