Sometimes sharing personal info is a huge part of my own success with quitting smoking

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Aug 12, 2020

Maybe sharing some parts of our life helps.

Helps.... for us to understand where we come from. and all the why's...



So I will throw out the first 'stick' ( I have enough to burn a large bon-fire, FYI)


i am adopted..... partially. Don't know Bio Dad. I did experience abuse. I am avid lover of people and gardening and learning new tips on that subject. Love all that has to do with nature, water, hiking, biking, skiing ( snow) fresh air fresh clean organic gardening, trees, art, music, ( all kinds especially folk, bluegrass and classical)

I love meeting new people, learning new things, poetry , reading, true story movies , documentaries, biographies, plays, symphony, I adore Opera  .....and most of all......( Aside from  my family) I love this site and all of you.


Seems like such a stash, but hey...... I also used to smoke over ALL of them. An Excuse, I must say. I smoking helped me tolerate all the above at times. I am 62 now and am just figuring this all out, somewhat.


See how much I gave credit to smoking when in fact it didn't credit me at all.  It's an addiction  folks....and the sooner you accept that, the sooner you can get not with your quit, your story, cause we all have one.


For me the hardest part of quitting was to allow myself to Experience being uncomfortable for X amount of time, to detox. Period.


The detox take different time for each of us. If you're using an aide,such as patch or gum, it will take longer because you are still feeing nicotine into your system.


Just wanted to throw this out there, hope it helps someone. We all hurt.Smoking or not, thats not gonna change. Plenty of folks who have never smoked hurt. Just want you to know HURTING CAN BE ADDRESSED WITHOUT SMOKING


Well. in the morning, I have 'The Storm' and more grandkids so me time here is limited till Monday.