So with all the bad going on in the world I thought I would send some light to think on....

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Aug 1, 2020

We surely can all use some light, eh?


1. Soft rain coming down here right now in midst of a bit of a drought


2. My tomatoes are thriving, although my zucchini petered out


3. I have spent more quality time with my man through COVID and my sweet grandchildren

4.  I am reminded daily when I come to this site, of all the awesome people in my life, that some  I miss, some who I am praying for ( well thats all of you I guess) and some who just brighten my day just because they post often and share their hope with us all.


5. I see many people in the news finding ways to help there fellow neighbors and communities through these difficult days...nice to see the positive from all of this


6. I  also enjoy reading all the POSIVE ENCOURAGEMENT to our New Quitters/Members. This site is truly outstanding. While we have gone through times where some folks in the past have tried to 'unearth us', so to speak, we have stood strong and together and here we still are, since around 2008, I believe  ???? Mark ????


7. We are living in a historical time and yet we are still united here and pulling for each other


8. We all come from different walks of life, colors of skin, political and spiritual beliefs, blue collar, white collar....heck...ALL areas/levels of education and yet when we are here...we are the same....we are ALL ADDICTED TO NICOTINE. We ALL sincerely want to help one another to overcome . Its nothing short of beautiful.


9. It's still raining  here and I am maintaining N.O.P.E.


10. I feel so blessed to be a part of this community. (Thank you)