Enjoying life as a non-smoker during COVID

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jul 28, 2020 I chopped all my hair off and even quit coloring it. The new avatar pic I have was before the chop....before Covid. Back to growing out again now. Takes 2 years for me....then I'll go chop it off again, just because. So I put up my last year pic to remind me, yeah, kinda wish I didn't cut it all off...but it will grow..... I can go back to it if I choose to.


Got me to thinking.......Im not sure , If I was still a smoker, how I would be dealing with Covid and ciggs.  I am home alot more now. ALOT more. I have stayed fairly busy with things, sorta like when I quit smoking, Keeping my hands busy. 

I cook more these days....and change the rooms around, alot. Just because. Kinda a prank on Pete, to see if he will notice. He does.


He notices other things though now as well. I smell better, my truck smells better, theres no lingering aroma outside when he comes to join me on the patio. I have saved ALOT of money and even got a new Mandolin out it it and then some....I have not had bronchitis since I quit in 2014. Thats huge for me. I used to get it like clockwork every year.


Yes, things around me are changing, but they always were. I just am noticing it more now. Will life ever go back to how it was, will I ever smoke.???....( I hope far as the smoking). Smoking is another choice I could go back to, but I choose not to.


 As far as life, well thats the beauty of life....Life is always changing daily, so its never going to be the 'same'. We have to learn lessons each day and be grateful for the good ones we get and quit hanging onto the memories that don't lift us up...because they are just memories after all. Smoking over them will not make them change, if you follow.


Its good to look back in the rearview mirror and be reminded where we were, ( Because the memories can serve as lessons) but its smarter to stay focused on the road ahead, so we don't collide with situations in life that we could avoid  or smoke over, if we just pay attention.


Smoking is something I used to do. I thought I was in love with it, but found out ,it was in love with me. Don't think about all the ways you miss smoking....concentrate on all the GOOD you have arrived at since you quit. When you can sincerely look back at the days you USED to smoke and recall how badly you wanted to 'quit'. This is a GOOD memory, because you have arrived, You are here. You finally found the truth....and theres this saying :


 The Truth Will Set You Free

I promise~it will,

Just as my hair will grow back