Peace Challenge

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jul 15, 2020

Are you restless? I have been lately. it's not daily but it is more often than not that I am just plain tired..... Tired if all the hate, the rage, the corruption, the unforgiveness, the race battles, the Covid...and well....yes life itself.


I am reminded of the days I was the girl who sew beads on all my jeans and shirts, painted peace signs everywhere I could....I guess I just always had this vision and wonder of " Why can't people just be nice to people, then we would all get along, after all, we all have the same God". Seriously...I said that as a young child .

So anyway, here I am now..... still feel that way. I think if I am tired of it, perhaps God is too. Okay . I said it.


Anyway I have certain things I do when I feel good and bad and one thing in both situations I do that brightens my spirit is to do something for someone else. Sometimes I do it anonymously. Those are the best.


Why am I telling you this? Because in these crazy times I think we can all use suggestions on how to lift ourselves up. I know I do. It's nobodies else's job to create our happiness, that lies in our hands. We are responsible for our own happiness.,,,and perhaps for our own misery if we allow it to consume us.

________________________PEACE CHALLENGE________________________

So I leave you today with this thought....PEACE.  I challenge you to a PEACE CHALLENGE . Heres how it works.... I wonder how many of you will do this?

1. Find one person, each day ( each day can be a different person, or even a stranger)


2. Do something totally unexpected for that person to make them smile, give them hope. It does not need to cost you a penny. Maybe help someone in the grocery who needs help reaching an item...or open a door for someone.....

3. Make a note each day of the peace you offered then write down each day one peaceful thing done for you by someone else.


Thats it. Simple. Are you game? You may be surprised how it will brighten your day. One of my friends and I are starting a community challenge called 

"Pass it to the right" . So whoever the neighbor is to your right , you basically pay it forward .


These days we all need a dose of peace and hope. The signs for it are held within every individual and every individual has the capacity to share this.


Peace to you all.

Added Bonus:

When your looking adding to Peace ~your smoking desire will decrease