Lemons and Lemonaide

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jul 1, 2020

Some of you are aware my husbands mom passed this past Feb. It was so hard because she was an awesome woman who I had very high respect for...


We found out a couple hours ago now his oldest sister is not doing very well. She seems to be struggling with anorexia and is now down to 92 lbs. In a hospital and just got a pacemaker put in. 

I paint when my nerves gets to me. Its just what I do...or I write..and write and write, so forgive me for babbling.


Our hearts are heavy right I will paint long into the night, its what I do. Hubby is asleep already. He worked from 4:30 am this morning and is whipped and now also worried about his sister.... I will stay near him and offer any support I can. He works even harden under stress.


One thing I know for sure I can count on prayers from all of you. Its also what we all do. Support each other. I paint. Oh man.....I am tired but I will paint. Its what I do.


Its a better alternative than smoking. Right now I am working on sweetplt. Its turning out fairly well I think. It keeps me mind busy. I watch a dvd sometimes as I paint or Classical it was the movie WAR ROOM, which I have seen many times, Reminded me i had a WAR ROOM in the other house and perhaps its time to get one going here


Tomorrow. I will.


I should be posting complete pic of Colleen in awhile., meanwhile,....just needed to write. Not smoke.Not that I have any smokes here...I do not.. I don't plan to have any here either...but I protect my quit by coming here.


I highly recommend it to anyone who's feeling like life has given you a bunch of lemons. I'm trying to make lemonade but am sorta down thinking about Mary. I will be okay though. Not gonna smoke