Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jul 1, 2020



Let's face it. This has been one crazy year. It has brought much stress on new quitters as well as seasoned quitters and it's not going away anytime soon.


Many of us have endured  personal health issues or health issues with loved ones and or friends , death of loved ones, loss of work, financial difficulties, workplace woes, anxiety, depression and the list just grows from here.


So I am reminding you of HALT. Because it has occurred to me that I also need it.

Yesterday I had a moment. Just a moment and I am truly fine now....really I am...but at that time I didn't see it.  Had I been new in my quit, I may have decided to throw in the towel and smoke. I didn't. I silently came here, read some posts and got a refill of sanity....and I rested.


The power of this site and staying active in it has rewired my brain to rethink things and bathe in the choice before I jump to conclusions. I was tired. And when this human is tired her mind floats in every direction an assumes things that are not as they are, if you follow, therefore creating in MY mind , anxious feelings of doubt and worry and wonder. Folks that is a very bad cocktail that leads to bad choices


So I am posting today to just remind you of HALT. Any one of these OR any combination of these, can lead to bad choices .


Being on this site, even if your just checking a few times a week can strengthen your amend to your victory over nicotine as well as give your the encouragement and remind you of the strength offered here, to make good choices and protect your well as help others.


Yes, 2020 has been a whirlwind of a year for many of us and it's all the more reason to be on guard and rely on H.A.L.T. and this site.


Have a great day everyone! I know I plan too!