What to do when you want to smoke NOW

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jun 28, 2020

You have had enough, you are frustrated, chewing everything edible and chewing everyone out in your path because you are angry, frustrated and darn it…you WANT O SMOKE….You are thinking….I LOVE TO SMOKE……UGH!!!!! I get it- we all ‘get it’


Your angry, Damn! Why is this so hard? Others have done it yet I have tried and tried and tried and I ……

jUST…………CANT!!! Mega Crap! I hate this, I hate me, I hate that I cannot quit but I KNOW I must, I need to…. for my husband, my wife, my kids my grandkids, my friends, my…who the Heck cares…I gotta, geese.


I am going back. Back to when this crazy crap was my thinking. I did think this way. I surely did. I had many times I NEVER in a million years, thought I would be able to quit. I loved to smoke, I told myself that and I believed it. With all my heart.


Why not? Heck, it relaxed me. It soothed my emotions at any given time. It was the company that never was, if you follow. It was the calm after any storm. You too? Huh!


Well heres a news flash. Those ‘Feelings’ are lies. I learned the hard way. PLEASE take the time to read Alan Carrs book THE EASYWAY TO QUIT SMOKING. please…..PLEASE…stick with this site and read blogs on here.


1.   PLEASE use the search button top right….type in ANY SITUATION you are going through…I PROMISE you will find the help you need,

2.   POST NOW. Tell us what's going on.



If you are here, it is because it is time. YOUR TIME, to be precise, to get this done. Be quit…..for good.. Make your choice right now, count. YOU are worth it.   Oh,,,,and please get and read Alan Carrs book. Is a fast read and well worth your time. You can still be smoking when you read it, but be will want to quit, before you finish the book....and most do, for good


Okay, said my peace  :)