Where can I go to get away from myself...

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jun 11, 2020

Because every time I turn around, here I am. I think we are our own worst enemy at times.


Getting away from me comes down to a choice. I will choose to make things difficult or not. Choose to accept or not, choose to dwell or not....and choose to smoke, or not.


I'm not depressed, just was thinking how much I got into my own way of my quit years ago. I allowed every excuse in the world to smoke back then. I was my own enemy. I see it now.


Going to a desert Island sounded like the only  way for me to quit. Ahh well. Such is life. I had a lot of failed quits but I learned something from every one of them. Sorry  to ramble. Just had this on my mind today.

And then there's this,......


images.jpeg Come to Ex. Before you light up