You can lead a horse to water but ya can't make it drink ~ You can lead a person to EX but ya can't make them quit

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jun 1, 2020


You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink


You can try on a size 8 but it won’t fit if your a size 12


You can fish without bait but you probably wont catch anything


You can go on a diet and lose weight but it wont stick it you go back to the pattern of eating you did previously


YOU CAN make stopping smoking easier if you understand the addiction


YOU CAN make stopping smoking easier if you become vigilant of your surroundings and prepare for obstacles ahead ( Have a plan of action on what you will do instead of smoke)


YOU CAN make stopping smoking easier if you are determined


YOU CAN make stopping smoking easier if you come to Ex and get to know the site and the folks here. We are like a perennial garden…we keep coming back , we share our journeys in hopes you will find elements in our quits that may match your needs for your journey.


We understand the deepest crave because we ALL had them, yet we made it….and we NEVER thought it possible. YES there will possibly be some things in the beginning of your Quit that you may need to stop for awhile…..such as parties, alcohol and maybe even your diet…..the point is, that can be temporary once you solidify your quit. Your body needs time to repair and adjust mentally and physically and it will not happen over night. But it DOES happen.


We have ideas for you. Suggestions to get you through, because to get the ‘breakthrough, you gotta ‘go through’. The better you plan your quit and prepare the less misery you will go through.


Theres a reason this site continues to flourish. It works. Simple.


Quitting smoking is not ’simple’, but we can smooth the bumps in the roads ahead in your journey if your willing to do the groundwork.


Oh….and the horses……Some will drink if led, some won’t. Thats a fact. Its also a fact that you cannot make them.


We can’t ‘make you’ quit either. Theres no magic pill-patch-book-gum or anything that will ‘MAKE YOU’ quit. They may lessen the desire, but YOU still have to do the work.


It all comes down to 'Choices'. Make 'em good one's today.

Best to you!- Missy 2099 DOF