Do you have a Silent Storm Brewing inside of you?

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on May 28, 2020

Early on in our quits I believe most of us can relate to that feeling of pressure building up. We called  it by many names: doom...misery...foreboding....scared....uncertain...failure....weak....anger ....resentment...CRAVE......

You can see where I'm going with this now?


Thats the addiction having a tantrum. It's what I say is 'The call of the wild'...because it is. It's that crazy beast having a pity party and it keeps thumping you on the head telling you " You won't make.....You can't do it.....Just one more puff..."

The call of this type of Wild is Nicotine and believe me it wears more disguise's than you could ever imagine and it will taunt you relentlessly.


jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 has a couple simple solution's that I held tight to when I was new " You gotta go through to get the breakthrough"...and "Keep them away from your face".

Basically  its like a solider going to war ( you are) and they go in prepared, because they know what to expect and they have backup troops ( That is this community at Ex, we are YOUR backup)


Listen....quitting is not easy no matter what route you choose to quit. If it was, we would not need this site....or each other.

So if you are new...stick around. Listen to us. We have been where you are. Our journeys may not all be the same but we arrived and we will share our strength and weaknesses with you so you can 'get through' and win this war.


I just read in our local paper an acquaintance of ours died a couple days ago. He was a chain smoker , 60 years old...died of lung cancer. Left behind a wife and son and grandchildren.



Recognize your feelings, that's a great start. Recognize the silent storm as it begins to kick up its heels then to Ex. Don't wait until it's too late to take cover.

We are here for you and for each other....we will do to together  and we will give you the Ammo you need to win the war against Nicotine.


Sweet Dreams