Toilet paper and gloves and masks solution for folks concerned at home

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Mar 30, 2020

Just thought I would pass these idea's on~


Order a BIDET. I did. $29.00 on Amazon. My friends got them and love them and said they were very easy to install. Message me if you want the info on the one I got. No electric needed.


ANOTHER TP IDEA: Buy regular napkins or face tissue and dispose of them in extra plastic grocery bags that grocers put your groceries in.


Use DISHWASHING GLOVES. I bought a pair for 99 cents and they last along time. Re-useable.  I put them on when I go to grocery and as soon as I get home I fill my sink with diluted bleach water. I then wipe down EVERYTHING I bring inside before I take them off. I also wipe down my steering wheel and car things I touch as well as ALL the bags. I put the plastic bags into a box to re-use. I keep these gloves in my truck.


NO MASKS? I use a scarf around my face/mouth/ nose and it goes directly to washer machine when I come home BEFORE I remove my gloves. I keep extra of those also in the truck.


I also use vinegar.baking soda to wash off produce.


Hope these tips help someone.