Tomorrow could bring a batch of the unexpected...what will you do?

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Feb 3, 2020

Worked all day at Hospice thrift store, had a lot of areas that needed organized and such but felt so good to be doing it. Will be doing it again tomorrow all day and then Wednesday, which is my normal day to work there.


Hubby and I went out to dinner tonight and standing outside of Mexican Restuarant when we left were a half dozen young folks smoking away. Stunk so bad.


I had a good day today. I made good choices, I didn't smoke and was just a dandy day.

We have no idea what tomorrow will bring. Life is uncertain. I could die, you could die. We have no control over such things. We do have choices though. Tomorrow has no promises and it will come no matter if you smoke or not. Things you like and dislike will happen or not. Are you ready? Are we ever ready? Non smokers have to deal with it as well. So they have choices as do we. Lets agree to make good choices.


We can choose to get through one day smoke free. We can choose to find ways to bless someone less fortunate than us. Maybe that's what we should be shooting for...ways to bless doing so perhaps it will help reinforce better daily choices over all. Our choices each day...thats what brings it all together, don't cha think? Think about it.


Worth a try? Beats smoking

Happy Monday Evening and goodnight.

Missy 1980 DOF