Death Stood by

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jan 20, 2020

( I wrote this awhile back, thought I'd share )


Death stood by

Waiting patiently

"Go ahead", it said , "Smoke 1-2 or 3"

"I don't care" it chanted , "If you smoke them all...

Because by choosing me I'll lead to your fall"


"Inside your brain where chemicals seep" it continued...

"I'll bond to the weakness and there I will keep....

All your will power, yes I will teach you to lack

I'll feed it more Nicotine with the rest of the crap....


I will betray you and make you believe

You can't do anything without's me that you need....."


This death had a name the more I explored

And in the form of a cigarette, I just wanted more.


Then came a day I threw in the towel

I reached out to Ex and they taught me 'How'...

I flipped and I flopped until I got it right

I fought through many tears 

I put up a good fight


I did ALL of the homework

And never looked back

The Elders stayed by my side

I wanted what they had.


DEATH is still here, waiting patiently

"Go ahead" still whispers,

"Smoke 1-2 or 3..."

But now I am stronger with more knowledge inside

So I won't be choosing the death sticks

No, not taking that ride....


I come here with my Ex friends

I've learned from the best

I take what I need and I leave the rest