Elvan ( Ellen)..... We need to pray for her

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jan 11, 2020

I have been in touch with our Ellen, elvan in regards to getting a photo from her to paint for the Wall of Elders. I don't check my mail everyday but I just did and she did send one.


HOWEVER, she is in MUCH discomfort and pain and having very labored breathing. It truly scares me. One of the pics she sent was a live feed and I could see the very labored breathing and pain in her beautiful face, it made me cry, seriously, and I feel so helpless. As many know she has had partial lobe removal of both lungs, I believe, in the past


So please you guys, there's power when more people pray, I believe. Lift her ups as she has given so much to this community.  She ALWAYS made time to encourage and greet each and every new person on this site, but lately her health has not allowed her to be as active.


Please pray for healing comfort and any and all assistance she needs right now.

I know she would be on this site more if she was up to it. Please please pray

Thank you~