Permission to FEEL

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jan 9, 2020

Smoking was a release for me. I relaxed and felt in touch with myself or so I thought so.


I smoked to feel the fullness of what ever emotion I was experiencing. Joy, sadness, guilt, shame, loss, grief, happiness, love,….all of it was celebrated with a smoke.

So when I quit I was extremely a mess of mixed emotion. HOW would I get through day to day, hour to hour…there was nothing to ‘catch’ me, nowhere to find comfort. I assumed I would live forever uncomfortable. Forever stressed when I quit.

Now I do have a strong faith in God and although I never quit believing during that time, I found that faith was never applied to its fullest until I did actually let go and let God and for that I am forever grateful but, I am speaking of something different here….


Smoking took away all my inhibitions of all feelings really. It denied me to feel when I thought it was allowing me to feel. I see that now as I am well into my quit headed to my 6th year, in fact.


The next time you worry your losing this battle to quit or think you will miss smoking…remind yourself this…Nicotine is nothing more than a drug. A drug that steels lives everyday.

Its been lying to you each time you light up. Its a great deceiver and the tobacco companies want you to stay hooked so they can line their fancy pockets with your hard earned money as you get more and more dependent on them to feed your crave. They WANT your ‘feelings’ to be weak to stay dependent to them.


Yes, quitting is very hard. Yes you will struggle, but then comes the day you don’t anymore. And thats because it beats you or you beat it.


Stick around…we will help you beat IT. Stay committed and one more thing…..


Today I feel EVERYTHING, in such a BEAUTIFUL full way I never dreamed possible. Its so much more valuable now to me than it ever was when I smoked and I mean that and speak it from the bottom of my heart.


We are worth our quits and YOU are worth it. Don’t let the tobacco companies have one more penny or day of your life or steel you Feelings anymore.



Missy 1956 DOF and you bet I am proud of it!