New Year~New Beginning ( For new quitters )

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jan 2, 2020


And so its a New year

What will you do?

Will you keep on smoking?

It will kill you


Do you have a plan now?

You know we are here

Waiting to sooth you

When you start to fear 


And so its a new year

You've only begun

A new year smoke free

The new year to be won


Please try to stay near us

When things get heavy

Let us surround you

And take you away


Put on your armor

Be ready to fight

We are here with you

Everyday and night


Oh yes its your time now

The New Years begun

When you get weary

To this site you run


And we are here waiting

Hands outreached to you

Lets do this together

My New Year prayer for you