Understand what your getting yourself into...Understand the addiction

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Nov 8, 2019

We all do or rather thought that we did at one time early in our quit or before we quit.

Personally, for example, I thought smoking was my motivator, my internal massage for stress relief, my courage, my friend.....and the list goes on.




Only when I understood the technical part of addiction was I able to see past what I THOUGHT I loved doing................ ( smoking) for the various reasons listed above as well as several not listed AND because I just THOUGHT  I LOVED to smoke.


Dig deep into your reasons then dig deep into all the knowledge offered on this site and though books such as Alan Carrs THE EASYWAY TO STOP SMOKING, so that you can truly see for yourself the truth and how your brains receptors have been holding you back from it from the moment you smoked your first one.


Then my friend you will be on the road to true freedom, and let me tell you you, it’s mighty fine.

(That  coming from a gal who smoked over 30 years and never thought it would be possible for me to stop and feel as good as I do today.


Have a great smoke free weekend everyone!



5 years 2 months and 6 days free ( Or something like that )