Just don't Smoke-Vape or Chew unless....

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Sep 8, 2019

Unless you have decided your not worth it...or your family members are not worth it...or your pets are not worth it...or your friends are not worth it....


See , even if you do not realize it, YOUR habit is indirectly hurting them too.


Are you worth it or are they? If so quit making excuses and get busy learning what to do and do it.



So MIL , it has been decided, will stay at the care facility she is in and we have got her now on the maximum level of care. I was all set to bring her here and then decided, no....I am taking on way to much and I needed to make sure I take care of myself also. I am learning how to say 'No'. About damn time. I love her dearly and I see her nearly everyday, but if she came here I realized I would have to watch her like a hawk 24/7 and I am not able to do that. I felt plenty of guilt over this decision but we think its best, I do too now that I chewed on this awhile. She's 5 minutes away. 


Learning how to make better choices. Learning how to say 'no'. Learning how to set boundaries is an area I will always need to pay attention to. I am no good to anyone else if I am burnt out.


I have a crappy cold or allergies now. Family still flying in this coming Saturday. I will be fine. I already feel some relief, compliments of Zyrtec and family support that is.

Life is going to punch you smoking or NEVER make the decision to smoke/Vape or chew because of life happening....unless your wanting it all to end.


Now isn't this a peachy post  N.O.P.E.