We all have fear smoking or not-areas that need addressed

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Aug 9, 2019

I know I do.


On a personal issue, I can't or really dont care to share, right now. Somethings are better left unspoken. With Adult children in our case anyway. 


There was a time it would drive me to smoke. Not now. No desire and I have this community to thank for that.


So much going on with BOTH of our elderly Moms it is surreal right now and I have allowed the responsibility to fall on me. Why? Because I can'r stand anyone feeling alone or forgotten, but what if we become the one forgotten, then what? It's been said I am a people pleaser, probably right. I like to spread hope and love and forgiveness and I know I know, sometimes, I dont ...but I think mostly I do. Im not talking about this site either. I am just venting. Venting like we ask those of you on this site to do when your feeling 'squeezed' by the 'NOUNS' in your life, as I am right now. Yes, an area I need to work on for sure though.


Sure, it will pass. I know it will, it always does and I will be just fine and dandy. 


Smoking will not change any of it it will only upset me that I caved to it, not happening. Worked too hard. 5 year Anny is coming up soon.


So here i am venting. Adult kids who make there choices and we can't change anyone but our own. Grasp that. Thats what I am trying to do. Trying to fix something I have no control over. Turning this over to my Maker. He has always led me through the turbulent times and I have no doubt He will now as well. Just need to be patient. His time, not mine.


On a good note, hubby and I are headed to a cool bluegrass/country afternoon tomorrow and enjoy company of many friends. Excited about that! 


N.O.P.E   never failed me yet  I'm fine , really...thanks to God and all of you and the love of the wonderful friends in my life. Have an awesome weekend everyone!