Low Dose CT Scan

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jul 19, 2019

Happy to say was uneventful, for me


A week ago Wednesday, ( and I never shared this because, well, I just didn't) I was on my way to work and began having chest pains in the car/truck, whatever you call a Tahoe....anyway by the time I got to work and walked up the hill to where I work I was really hurting and out of breath. My co-workers said I looked 'gray'. Anyway, My boss drove me to ER, because they thought I was having a heart attack, and I thought I was too. I had pain in the center of my sternum, behind mu left scapula and into my neck and jaw.


 After CT  scan  ......It was the Linx device. NOT heart. While they did scan , they checked lungs. Lungs clear. One very small nodule, perfectly round, they will watch but not concerned because it is perfectly round and tiny, below what they can even biopsy. It is probably a cyst and I have a large history of cyst.


SO....LINX device that I had implanted last December is fine, still doing its job. but unfortunately one of the side effects is esophageal Spasm which is what that was and it mimics a heart attack. Great. I had heard they were a possibility but I figured I was a lucky dog since its been so long since surgery. Not so. I was told it could happen for 1-3 years post surgery. Yay me.


HOWEVER, no lung cancers, YAY ME! I highly recommend getting the scan. Worth the peace of mind


I am okay, by the way. Just have to go to a ER whenever I have this spasm due to it cannot be diagnosed as a spasm vs heart attack without EKG. That Stinks. I have a huge family history of heart attacks/stroke with both maternal grandparents and my Mom.


I'm good to go for now though