Another annoying post by me

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jul 19, 2019

Song I just wrote called 'BE BRAVE'



I was driving, 

late at night

I thought .......I saw ........everything


But temptation

Challenged me

And I fell for it….again


I tried

To leave them behind

Never look back them


I cried 

Never denied

They were the best thing then



Lying to myself

Is what it came down to

Lying to yourself

Will soon catch to you


I ‘ve learned

They never solved

A sol.....itary thing


And I’ve come

To undestand

They don’t do a good  damn thing…..


To help me

Or my health

My love ............or my strife


The only thing

They’re good for

Was exiting my life



Lying to yourself

That's what it  came down to

Lying to yourself 

Will soon catch up to you….



I’m free now

Four years, 

In September........, it will be 5


I’ve struggled 

With good and bad 

And yet I have,.......... survived


Don’t tell me

You can’t do it .....

You can’t hold your own


I’ve been though it

Reach out to us

We can lead you home


( Chorus)

Lyin myself

Is  what it came down  to

Lying to yourself 

Will soon catch up to you



If you

Are in a bad spot

Your thinking can’t hold out


Come here

Type it out, 

Give us....... a shout


Be brave

Say no your not…

Not gonna....... light it up


Feel strong

The days that you’ve one

You will not give up_______________________________


Thats how we do it folks goodnight all :)