They say that Breaking up is hard to do.....

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jul 15, 2019

Is was for me,

so how was it for you???

 I had to leave them cold. I had to re-learn many things, stress was at the top, how to 'DEAL' with people-places and things without them.

And NOPE, my friends and family did NOT approve of them at at all. I was the only one who say anything  there to love about them. Now  I call that deception. They had me HOOK-LINE and SINKER.

Getting over them was hard to do ,but doable. Finding this Site and these fabulous people who had already been through where I was headed was KEY. They understood me and my crazy thoughts.


 Anytime you want to learn something , you follow through. You buckle down and get busy getting on with it. You quit making excuses and learn. You FIRST understand and LEARN about what your getting yourself into. You PREPARE. You buy the essential books or material and hook up with someone who has EXPERIENCE to teach you.


It becomes a choice and thats why we talk about choices and excuses so much on here. Make your choices with a clear head-and an educated mind. It will serve you well.

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