One more to end ~Dare ya

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jul 1, 2019

I QUIT because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired


I QUIT because I hated the way my hair smelled and I smelled and my breath smelled


I QUIT because health issues started flaring up


I FAILED because I thought I could quit anytime ( wow.thats genius )


I FAILED because I made crappy choices


I FAILED because I didn't 'Get it' ( understand the theory behind addiction)


I OVERCAME by the grace of God, 'Letting go and Letting God' do 'in me' what I could not do


I OVERCAME because I took the time to understand the beast, educate myself on addiction


I OVERCAME because I reached out to this site for help and actually APPLIED what Elders were teaching 



I have more to share but I am to tired. Know this....We ALL have a different path to our sobriety from smoking. Some folks take the long way around the mountain , some short. My belief is , that it happens for a reason. We all have life lessons to learn and what brings us all around to same point is the same beautiful be advised....from me anyway, you WILL reach your destiny just as it is expected of you and the more time you put into exploring the journey, the sooner you will arrive.  


Life is still hard at times on 'the other side' but I promise you...its coming ( those hard times) no matter if you smoke or not. I am grateful to be able now to manage those times without the crutch of a smoke. They were only a 'instant gratification sprinkled with  reality ratification' the moment, it felt good, but the 'situation'  was still present.


Can you say 'Wake up call"