Then and Now

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jun 10, 2019




1. Smoking was a relaxer for me

2.Smoking was a sedative for me

3.Smoking was a much needed hug for me

4. Smoking was a pain reliever for me

5. Smoking was a filler of holes and hats for me

6. I could build an excuse for every celebration and situation to justify smoking

7. Smoking was a must for every celebration and every defeat 




1. I go to the Throne instead of the phone with a smoke

2. Music and art are my sedatives of choice

3. My family/friends are the givers and receivers of hugs now


For 4-5-6-7 I repeat 1-2-3

I am grateful to have found better ground to plant my sorrows and healthier ways to rejoice in the celebrations

Thats how I do it


Or you can continue to smoke and be deceived.......