Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on May 14, 2019

We take them everyday. Everyday we are proactive with our quit...we step up. Each step leads to greater heights. 


Sometimes we stop at a landing. They are there to remind us and provide us rest. Each step has its measured way to provide growth to our journey....each provides a landing on which too rest and evaluate our position.


Take time to watch your steps each day. Be mindful of where you came from, how far you've gone and what you will sacrifice if you turn back.

Be mindful of the journey ahead and expect good....don't ask for trouble or fret on it...that of which may never happen, its time wasted.


Rather, reach for and expect and hope for the good. Let that be your focus. Today you are not smoking. THAT is a daily step you take. I will take your hand and take it with you. Lets go....