Time to let go......

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Apr 7, 2019

We have known this time was approaching and thought we were going through with this a week or so ago but then, as dogs do, he surprised us and offered us moments of hope. Last night, his light began to dim....lower than ever.

We spoke with my cousin who happens to also be our Vet and made the ultimate hard decision that it is time to let Merlin go. I am sobbing as I write this.

Tomorrow is the day...around dinnertime -6pmish', when Sues office closes for the day. Meanwhile Pete and I will spend all day with our beloved friend knowing he will be joined with other loving pets we have had....his beloved Tess, pictured in the above banner, with him out in the yard who died too soon of Cardiomyopathy.


Our other dog, Nico~turns 5 on Tuesday and He is going to be beside himself. I know we will get another companion down the road for Nico but it will be awhile I think. Nico is a Rescue Doberman, so we may find another rescue Dobie down the road. Theres no dog that will replace our sweet gentle giant, Merlin. None. Those of you who have dogs know what I mean.


Merlin has had a good life for a 150# Italian Mastiff. He was glad I quit smoking to I think. He is 11 years old. His weight has dropped significantly.


Anyway, I will be gone again awhile to heal. This is so hard. I have been through it before and the one thing that gives me comfort is the word

'DOG'. ( God spelled backwards). I know there was no mistake in naming this creature. Other than God Himself there is no other 'being' I know of that loves as unconditionally as a dog does. May we ALL learn to love that way.


Anyway, I will be back in a few days.




Again~ May we ALL learn to love that way