Spring Cleaning Your Insides

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Apr 4, 2019

Are you feeling~

Hungry-Angry-Tired-Sluggish-Ugly~Fat~Forgetful~Lost~Empty...or an abundance of just plain 'I don't know'~swimming around in your head?


This is common for everyone from time to time but it is especially common when you quit smoking. There is a solution. It's called Spring Cleaning Your Insides. Below is how I go about Spring Cleaning my insides, perhaps others will jump in and offer their own suggestions  Have a lovely Thursday! N.O.P.E.


1. Begin your day taking a COOL shower, start out warm and move gradually to cooler to stimulate/invigorate


2. Start your day with drinking water. I prefer mine room temp and I drink a quart as soon as I wake up....and more throughout the day. The aim is for your pee to be darn near clear at HS ( Bedtime) Like a car needs gas to run, we need water.


3. MOVE. Walking is my favorite and jumping on my mini tramp when I first quit smoking, was a crave buster and it also stimulates POSITIVE energy within me.


4. Avoid sugar. I have a sweet tooth. Actually, truth be told, I have a lot of sweet tooth's and I DO indulge now and then in moderation. BUT for me, I find, when I am in a slump , sugar is the last thing I need to have. It actually enhances bloat, water retention and pain levels. Arthritis and sugar are NOT friends. Not a good thing at all and of course sugar makes me tired. 


5. Fresh Air. Air out your home even if only for 5 minutes. Dust out the heater vents. Get some fresh air by stepping outside. Often.


6. Think color when you eat and I don't mean sprinkles and sherbet! I am talking veggies and SOME fruit.


Okay, that is my two cents. Taking care of your insides now that you quit smoking, will pay off and make you feel better and recover faster.