When your 'She Shed turns into a He Shed' or Visa Versa

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jan 7, 2019

Well it didn't happen overnight....I saw the signs...but low and happened. I knew it would....little things started popping up..


It was a fine sunny brisk day here in Ohio. We had returned our eldest grandson back home after enjoying the past 2 days with him and I decided to go out to my 'She Shed' and perhaps shape things up inside. But I was too late......


At some point in time a large metal plow blade made a home inside and nested directly in my path to the area I wanted to access. Then in another corner I notice some coils of heavy garden hoses thrown over top of my delicate garden accessories. Still trying to navigate into the She shed I come across not one, not 2 but, geese ( No, not a goose )....several unknown objects....( that belong in He Shed ) making it more and more difficult for me to maintain any order in my SHE SHED!


Well how about that! Sorta sounds like a weak attempt at a quit. Sure has enough in common with it. Set up for failure.

I saw the signs early on and should have addressed them then BUT it all snuck up so fast....poor excuse. BUT it was just one thing ( yet another poor excuse because we all know one thing leads to make room for another...Hummmmm , I believe we call those EXCUSES)




She Sheds and He Sheds and Quits all need protected to remain as they are called.

My She Shed may need to wait till Spring to restore it back to its intended purpose but my Quit will always to on a 24/7 watch.


When little things that life brings begin to start 'POPPING UP' good or bad

Be Aware

That's an indication of a good quit at risk

And in my case today

A She Shed slowly turning into a He Shed.


And thats all I've got to say about that