Stinky Smokes

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Dec 31, 2018

Went with a friend this morning to go buy a canary ( bird). Arrived at the house and was led into this very small room with several cages staked onto of each other and a large office desk with an ashtray filled with butts.


The room REAKED of cigarettes. I could not stand it and I felt bad for the birds. HOW HORRIBLE IT HAS TO BE FOR THEM! The fellow walked in the room and lit up a cigarette. Thats when I walked out.


I was so sick of the smell it left on my own clothes and hair on the 45 minute ride home I could not wait to come home and shower.


My friend and I actually argued about it on the way home. I would NEVER buy a bird from a person like that. The room was SO dirty and bird feces were all over. He even said he had been treating a bird that was brought in with Mites. My friend has other hook billed birds. I would not expose her birds to this one, but whatever. Not my problem.


I never want to smell like that again and I am ashamed to say I am certain I DID smell like that for the 30plus years I did smoke. Yuk! I never noticed it till I quit.


If you are a smoker.....just an stink, no amount of perfume will take it away.