My old List of 'what to do instead of smoke' early on in my quit that helped me beat craves

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Dec 30, 2018


* Clean out every drawer/cupboard in kitchen-( empty it out-wash it out-reline with new shelf paper. Take unwanted items to goodwill.

*Repeat the above by going room to room in the house.

*Now head to the garages and do the same.

* Now the barn and sheds

*Weed wack pasture lines


*Go through family pictures and organize them

*Make albums for the boys 

*Transplant things and weed gardens 

* Practice Mandolin

*Go for power walk


*Go to EX and blog-whine-complain-cry-read others blogs

*Call my quit partner- Melinda

* Muck Stalls...Go exercise one of the 4 legged creatures 

* Go visit Mom or MIL

*Start new art project...or learn one

* Find an ole piece of furniture to refinish then donate it to someone or keep


* Go volunteer a extra day

*Make Hubby something special for dinner

*Reorganize hubby closet

* Go to a Jam session

*Go get grandson and play

*Do some creative writing


*Bible study

*call friends/ go junking...or just go junking or just hang with friends

* Bake something new and healthy

*Drink water....ALL DAY

*Watch old movie/ eat popcorn

*Jump on mini tramp


*re -read blogs on Ex

*Re-read Carrs book

*Iron clothes

*Repaint a room

*Re-decorate a room

*Knit or sew something

*Write letters

*Work on weekly menu and grocery list-cut coupons



Did I mention I prayed a lot?