Somewhere........ out there

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Nov 16, 2018

Is where I feel I am right now....somewhere out there.


See I have a little over 4 years quit in and I still have days that are ending badly at times, this is one of them. Personal, but one of them. It happens to us all.


I know it will pass. I know I won't smoke. Thought about it for possibly 2 seconds though. Scary. 


I will have my time with God here soon...( its been said go to the throne and not the phone..) but was never said not to come to Ex. So if your up and reading this,  could use a prayer please. I don't ask often. God knows whats going on so please lift this situation up for me . My heart is breaking...but I know it will pass.  Cant hurt to ask though. We all have been there before. Today apparently is my day.

Night  all. Hitting the hay early.