Worn out in a good way

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Oct 20, 2018

Our company left here about an hour ago. We had a super good time. I just didn't have time to get on this site the past week enough to post but I did read some.

Anyway, I was so sorry to see our Youngatheart.7.4.12 had yet another fall and I think I may take up a collection of bubble wrap for that woman, lol. I hope she's back home and resting. We all love our Nancy.

Thats the cool things about this site. We truly are a family and we truly do care for each other. I think theres something about smokers and the heart. A connection, we always seem to stick together no matter what....we went out and froze our butts off together as we smoked and then we encouraged each other through thick and thin as we worked on our quit journeys and we continue to provide that as we grow stronger in our quits and journeys everyday.


So friends, its good to be back. I missed you all and as soon as I catch up with an overflowing laundry room, I will be back regular on the site.


Enjoy your weekend. Cold and cloudy here but the leaves are changing and I can smell the aroma of burnt leaves as hubby is burning the fire pit. All is good here at our home and I pray its all good at yours 


Laundry room here I come.......