Challenging times seem to always come at a bad time...

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Oct 9, 2018

But is there ever a good time for them to come? No, I don' think so.


You can be one of those who say " well sure...if I didn't already have so much on my plate...that would be a good time to quit smoking"


OR you can be one of those who say " Life is going to come and go announced and unannounced whenever and wherever it chooses...therefore I choose not to smoke today over it"


This can apply to other challenges in your life as well. Couple examples:


A uncomfortable work situation....

A bad/ sour relationship.....with spouse or family member or friend........


What can we do about it?


Sometimes it seems like nothing. Sometimes it seems so heavy that our hearts could break over it. Will a cigarette make it better? No. Heres what it will do though.... It will cause you instant gratification that will last less than the 2 minutes it took you to smoke it and leave you with a heavy burden because now you are back at Day one.Now you get to go through Hell week again. Yay.....Not!


Heres what you can do though in any of the above scenarios....

1. Pray

2. Come here and blog

3. Go and find someone who needs encouragement on this site besides yourself ,Redirect your heartache to heart aide

4. Go for a brisk walk...a cold shower..make a list of all the things GOOD you have in your life going for you

5. Make a gratitude list

Then Repeat


This too shall pass and theres nothing worse than losing your quit over something you will have more peace over after following through with this list....and give yourself at least 24 hours and see how much your feeling change after you've done it.


Yes Challenging times,we have ALL gone through. We know from past experiences that they do eventually go away. Just try to take some serenity with you as it passes by and learn from it. Don't allow the challenges to mow you over  but rather ...let them build you up and your strength will come out golden.