Wonderful Weekend

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Sep 30, 2018

We headed to South Bend this past Friday morning ,to watch our beloved Irish beat Stanford last night and just got home awhile ago. The weather was beautiful, the campus is beautiful, as always....and NO BODY in our group was a smoker!!! 

In cannot smoke if you want to on ND campus, which was a winner -winner-chicken dinner kinda day


Anyway....what a great weekend and time we had. I am UN-stressed, chilled out, relaxed and headed to go get our pups ( we had to board them) . Its good to be home and back to EX also. You were all on my mind often. 


See......good times still exist without smoking. I never thought they would because I counted on them for EVERY SINGLE THING I DID.  Its amazing when I look back and see how much control they stole from me....and I allowed them too. I would miss out on a lot of things because I needed a smoke break....and if there was not a place to go smoke at I would have been miserable......I find it hard to believe I ever smoked now and THATS a beautiful thing


Have a beautiful rest of the weekend everyone!

Missy 1489 DOF