How are you looking at it?

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Sep 26, 2018

Are you Over or Under. Big debate do you put your TP on the roller. Im an over hubby is under, lol. Now worries though....we both have the same goal and Im not gonna let it create a debate with us. So just roll with it.

Don't sweat the small stuff.


Non smoker-Ex smoker. Thats bugged me. I consider myself a non smoker now for 1485.

I don't do that anymore. ( Smoke) I consider my self three things when it comes to the nasty cigs.

I am a Former Smoker

I am a Ex Smoker

I am a Non smoker.


It makes me feel good to say that. I am very happy with my accomplishments and I refuse to acknowledge my hard work and efforts makes me anything less than a Non smoker-Ex Smoker or Former Smoker. Its how I choose to look at it.

I am a former long distant runner-snow skier-Surgical Assistant-blah blah blah....

I don't do those things anymore

I am still a 'former' of all of those things

I am currently a Non runner-Non skier-Non Surgical Asst. and blah blah blah....I did them once...I had the skills but I don't do them anymore. I am not prepared in anyway to go back to any of those because I have moved onto allowing it to be my former life....I loved it when I did them ( I loved being a smoker too...).


I am not trying to make a debate. So I will roll with whatever you all say you are. Just please don't categorize me. I do enough of that for myself.


I am a former smoker~A Ex smoker and a Non smoker. ( I dont do that anymore ) Just please just roll with it. I'm not in denial. Docs are not always right. But I take my quit seriously , so felt I needed to say this to make a point. 


I have seen productive people become Non please. Roll with it. Personally I feel if your visiting any medical professional and you tell them that you quit smoking and that your happy now to be a NON SMOKER, they should be elated for you. If they feel they need to categorize you, well theres just nothing professional about that. Period. They already have it documented that you used to smoke.


Okay, rant over.

I have 1485 DOF Hard earned


Thats who I am