When things go left instead of right

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Sep 23, 2018

I'm fairly certain you have experienced this.


An unbelievable inner pain thats draws into your soul that sometimes is so over whelming that you wonder if you will ever recover, or feel secure.


I felt this this way when I quit smoking. I assumed, life was forever changing now and I was right. It did. It had forever changed. Now, I see it was a blessing, but I didn't then.


At first, after SEVERAL failed attempts, when  I finally grasped my final quit....the beginning of it felt familiar. Then something happened. I took a right hand turn. I began to relate WHY I had so many failed quits. I started to put 2 and 2 together and REALLY put time into figuring it out.


This is not Rocket Science folks. We are addicts of nicotine. If we keep doing the same thing, we will get the same results.


I know for a fact, I would never stop at one cigarette  if I smoked just one. Because, they travel in packs....I will smoke the whole damn thing. You would too....


I am going through some crappy stuff right now any life. Not wanting to go into detail but one thing I know for sure, it will pass. It will make me stronger and I WILL NOT SMOKE over it. All of us on this site have these moments. Crappy Stuff times. So I challenge you......


Go Right.....

Don't let life throw a curve ball to your left. You may never see them coming

But may you always be armored.

We are survivors~Yes?