Locked and Loaded

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Sep 19, 2018

Currently we have a bad criminal at large in our area and it is really unsettling. He is deemed armed and dangerous.  This house is locked and loaded as are we, should he decide to knock on our door. Out here in the country we are, most all of us, armed. Coyotes are everywhere....and so is the Nicodemons.


I  am getting ready to leave for Columbus for the day and went to put my two dogs out and at my back door were 2 big pitt bulls. I have never seen them before. I have a mastiff ( very old one) and a big doberman, but these 2 dogs would have taken them out.


Long story short, I called the neighbor over and he hung around as I put out our dogs. I am now getting ready to leave but my house is armed and I am protecting my stuff. I love all animals but  I will shoot a dog that attempts to hurt or mame my dogs or my family members. Warden office has been notified. 


I also will go to whatever extent I need to to protect my quit. If I need to leave a social situation, a conversation or whatever....I will do it. There is NOTHING in this world worth me sacrificing my quit over. I have no intentions of another day one.


Days WON are my future. Protecting my stuff , is part of that!

Have a good day