Quitting Smoking is Simple~ Not easy

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Sep 17, 2018

What you feed becomes stronger


This can apply to anything in your life really. Weight loss, attitudes friendships and yes even smoking. The more effort you put into something the more you will see it develop. Sometimes it can grow into a raging monster and we just don’t recognize it anymore and we wonder  “How did it I ever become this way’?


Quit feeding your Monsters


Recognize who is winning your battle and put a stop to it NOW. Put yourself back in charge of yourself. You do this with wisdom. You acknowledge , being the first step, that ‘Houston, we have a problem’…is brewing within you. Then you make a decision , I am bigger than this problem and since I can now see it, I am going to address it’. You address it with knowledge. You educate yourself on why you have the problem, how the problem works to grow on you and how to stop its growth. Then come Preparedness. You equip yourself with the tools needed to fight this enemy because , see it…it really is beating you right now and until you wise up to it’s antics…you will become its slave. So gather your troops…this is war and its time to take back whats yours!


Quitting Smoking is Simple but not Easy

Commit-Submit and Quit

It all looks good on paper but you have to do the footwork. 


Listen, if quitting smoking was easy, we would not be here. Wars are not commonly won overnight. Neither is nicotine addiction. So gather your troops as though going into battle. Head to your round table of knight's ( EX) and your outside  support and start a battle plan if you haven’t yet.


You can have a great finish even if you didn't have a great start


Loyal troops will always be around to help you out in a crunch. Don’t be afraid to use them…they ( we) are part of your weaponry and your shield.

One last thing….I won my war a bit over 4 years ago. I still keep my guards on standby. I still avoid the enemy campsites and I continue to educate myself against the enemy and I equip myself daily with tools on hand so I never fall behind the enemy line. Its just as important to me now as it was on my first day Won.

I worked  way to hard to lose it.


Thats all I’ve got for now. Make today count. 


Freedom from Nicotine isn't free either ,we all had to fight our own battle to get the sweet freedom we have now....please make sure you don't wait so long that its costs you your life.