Who are you? Who am I?

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Aug 30, 2018

I have good days-bad days-happy days and sad days…and so on.


Maybe its better to tell you who I am not :


I don’t smoke anymore

I don’t always have great days

I don’t dwell on the not so great days…When life hands out lemons, I make lemondiad…right?

No, not always. Sometimes the not so good days serve a growing purpose for me. …Then again, some days…are just bad days. Period. Life goes on…but I don’t marinate in the bad. I don’t care to be ‘Overseasoned’, if you follow.


Im not one to focus on negativity but look for opportunities to create a better mood…most days.

I like to get down to the nitty gritty of matters. Am I miserable, tired, etc….if so….I am one to get to the source and will diligently find answers to improve my state of mind or physical being.


I am not a person who will sit back and let life happen. To me thats irresponsible. To me.

While Life is full of choices…life will still happen and some of which is out of my control…back to the lemons…If I am feeling hungry-angry-lonely-tired….then I am one to get to the bottom of WHY and resolve to do whatever works for me to take care of me. If I am hungry, I eat. If I am angry, I pray, if I am lonely I hug my pets, my husbands or call on a friend….if I am tired…I rest. I have limits. I have boundaries and I have them in place to protect myself and in doing so I am better prepared and equipped to help someone else.


I think good days and bad days are actually balance. I need them both. To maintain a healthy attitude, to grow in all areas of my life and relationships.


If I hang out in good all the time or bad days all the time…I personally have resolved to ‘give up’ and not grow-learn-accept anything anymore. Thats NOT who I want to be….ever.


So I leave you with this bit of advise- feel free to decline it or accept it. Its not a rule to follow, its just something I feel may help someone….even myself, for just saying it.



‘“Life may be giving you lemons today or lemonade. You always have a choice. Sometimes choices are uncomfortable and to choose the thing that makes you uncomfortable may be just the ‘thing ‘you need to do do take care of you'. Immediate gratification is just that. For that second, you feel super, but the then the other shoe, will eventually drop. Make yourself a priority. Allow. It is okay to have a bad day….take what your given and learn from it…but just don’t stay there. Set boundaries.


You choose what you will marinate in….and remember,….if you choose to marinate in the bad…cool…just turn yourself over now and then so you don’t overcook’.


I really gotta go walk this dog now. Cheers