Warning~Storm is getting closer

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Aug 9, 2018

This is how I felt when I quit. As though a storm  was approaching.

I never knew exactly how bad it would be and I failed many times to be ready for it.


It is so important to be prepared. Life will happen smoking or not smoking. Storms will come.

They also ALWAYS pass.


My Grandmother used to tell me how to know the storm was very close. She would have us count between the thunder rolls.The closer the numbers came together...the closer the storm and we knew it was time to hit the cellar. Her cellar was always prepared for storms with food, water and candles and blankets.


Nicotine craves have warning signs as well. I would start to feel many emotions and I recognized this as the nicotine trying to get my attention. I would feel anxious, tired, angry at the smallest of things..... What were your storm warnings? Certain people would also trigger my storms also.


Yes Storms will happen. But getting through them prepared will make all the difference. Have a safety plan ready for when the come and run~don't walk to you cellar ( or plan ).


Don't wait for the storm to be over top of you before you take action. Have your shelter ready and stocked. You will be grateful later that you could cost you your quit.


Just some food for thought.