You can't finish what you don't start

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jul 27, 2018

Are you done going around the same ole mountain or would you like to go around it again and again?


Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone, your environment or you will stay limited and held back. When you lose everything, you have nothing to lose and THAT promotes change.


Don’t provide an environment that promotes a comfort zone to smoke. Get rid of the reminders that trigger you. Is alcohol a trigger? Give it up. I mean really…if thats something that goes hand in hand with your smokes….and you just don’t want to let go of an occasional drink ( even though that occasional drink may make you weak and build your desire to smoke) Weigh it out.... Come on…..if you can’t give up an occasional ‘drink’…you seriously may have another addiction you need to address.


Stay away from areas where people are smoking- get rid of reminders….ashtrays, etc.


So your mate smokes….get rid of him/her…HA…just kidding….you can set some boundaries with them though as far as where they smoke.. If they are not willing to do that then you better come here to this site even more often for some enforcement help from us. Many have awesome quits and their loved one still smokes. It is doable. Don't make them your excuse.


Take a look at your past failures. What happened, what were you doing when you ‘caved’. Take a good hard long look and be honest with yourself. Are there people-places or things- negating your quit?


Again, I ask you….are you done going around the same ole mountain? The views great here where I am but you gotta get off that path your on thats leading you right back where you were.
You gotta start and follow through….through the comfort zone….thats where Freedom is waiting for you.


Or……go around the mountain …..again.
You can;t finish what you don’t start.

I did the work. I maintain my efforts by staying vigilant . I come around here to stay accountable and to help lead you off the mountain.

Are you coming?


Missy 1424 Blessed Days of Freedom