Put me on a deserted Island......Nah, don't bother

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jul 21, 2018

It is exactly where I felt would be my only real chance at having success at quitting. I felt it impossible. I felt it hopeless...especially since I had tried SO MANY times and failed.


I tried patches, gum, Meds, hypnosis,lozenges....everything ...I was grumpy ,, frumpy, tired, hungry ( no.... starved, would be more accurate) lazy, angry ...( no...royally Pi#$%@&) to be honest.....I was truly hatful and I hated myself, the ciggs and everyone who looked at me-single eyed-crossed eyed or just 'eyes'!

I hated Drama ( still do) I felt I needed to be far far away from people to quit. Far far away from anywhere that had or sold ciggs.


I thought I needed a deserted Island to be successful.

I was wrong


What I needed was to:

1. ADMIT, yes I was an addict of nicotine

2. SUBMIT a power greater than myself and this program

3. myself to stay on point, determined and to this program and see it through.

Truth be told....You could have stuck me on any deserted Island and it would not have made a difference. I would have found something to light up and smoke.


Until I was willing to ADMIT, SUBMIT AND COMMIT....thats when the magic happened.



 Besides...this Island didn't even have room service!

Imagine that!


Well, thats all I got to say about that.