Bad days happen

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jun 18, 2018

But we don't have to smoke over them.


I used to though. A day like today would have made me smoke....alot.


Its darn near 90 outside and poor me.....I have to water this lawn twice a day.,...and its a huge lawn and it takes 3-4 hours when its this hot out. SO I am bloomin' mad. Hot...tired, plum worn out. I am sun burnt. I am a little peeved that my hubby didn't offer to help. I had just came in and showered and got comfy on this chair and my phone was in the kitchen and I was tired to go get it so I asked him if he would please get it for me...I have a 90 lbs Doberman resting between my legs after all!!!!


So...he walks over picks it up and stares at it as it continues to ring 5 more freakin' times!!!! I say. " hello....would you please bring me the phone, who is it....."????? By the time he gets it to me it stopped ringing. It was his sister who wanted a recipe....( I know this because she then sends a text...) UGH!!!! now I am grinning, laughing. I tell hubby I am sorry. Im still tired. Its supposed to rain tonight, but the yard is wet now, so whatever, he says.

UGH!!!! REALLY??????? i WANNA SMOKE.......NO I DON'T!!! NO I WON'T.


I TURN 60 TOMORROW, POOR-POOR POOR ME, Oh for the love of.......


I am having a over-reactive- post menopausal , ex-smokaholic-stupendius -idiotic - childish will pass.....just like 59 is about


My point is.....Bad days happen smoking or not. 

I am NOT smoking over it.

I'm going to bed early and getting over myself.

We all will wake up a day older....I just want to wake up, lol and still be a non-smoker!

Good freakin Night!