Putting yourself first....can you????

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jun 7, 2018

Its a daily thing , some days easier than others. But can you?

Maybe we should look at some reasons why we don't...put ourselves first~


1.  People Pleasing~Feeling judged by others


First off, we are responsible for our own happiness. We are not responsible to make others happy..that is their job and if you keep doing it for them , they will always expect it of you.

We will be judged by everyone no matter what we do or don't do for them. I think it must be better to be loved/cared about by people who accept and love me for who I am just as I am. If that is not enough then the saying for me is : They are a blessing or a lesson. My choice. Always has been, always will be.

2. Your Missing out on Something? 


Hmmmmm, afraid that if you don't stay caught up with everything, laundry, appointments, cleaning, yard work, friends company, helping others.....

that you will stay caught up with everyone else? Let me tell you a secret.,

It's gonna be there tomorrow too. If your feeling sick, overwelmed or just downright tired, for the love of God, do yourself, no wait..... do us ALL a favor and rest! Your getting yourself out of balance and your going to make yourself sick! If you need to ask for help ASK! It is perfectly normal to need help and ask for it....or just rest. Put YOU first for a change. 


3. Your Not Worthy


Oh boy, here we go. You feel as though you have to do everything for everybody because somewhere along the line, you were wired that way. Okay, so heres the deal....I just cut the wire for you, so now you can let go.

Feeling unworthy can lead to resentments and depression, and I am not speaking of clinical depression...just downright sadness. YOU ARE WORTHY!!!! Don't dwell on what others think you can or cannot do. You are a masterpiece as you are and quitting smoking is YOUR JOURNEY not theirs. Make it a fact...make yourself a priority. YOU deserve it.


4. Enabling


OUCH!!! Got me there....I have set myself up so many times to be responsible for others which actually just stops them from taking care of their own needs. I am not always alert to this fact, but am trying to be more aware. Could this be you too? It will knock me off balance fast allowing resentments to creep in. Don't go there.


 In Closing

ALL of the above can set you up to smoke


It is not our job to take responsibility to keep everyone happy. It is our job to to take care of our minds-body and proactive about it. Sleep when you need sleep. Be Grateful so you can keep things in perspective when they  do get out of balance. Go to the Doctor when your sick. Start taking care of you and that beautiful quit. Put yourself first for a change. It won't kill you but by NOT doing may.


Learn to Say No and set boundaries


The above are just my thoughts. Its what my beliefs are on the subject and while it may not be yours, thats okay. No worries, we do not all have to agree.

Today I am home today resting taking care of me and thats okay too. I recognized I needed to. I know I can put my mind in a bad place if I don't and put myself at risk to smoke...if I don't. So I am putting me first today. I hope you can do the same for yourself.


Have a beautiful smoke free day