Frustration and The Lesson

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jun 5, 2018

Dog gone it, I lost it. Not my quit...but nearly an entires  life work of portfolio of Client works of Art I did . 2 portfolios . Missing a rather large one of older material.....and a smaller one of more recent. Gone...! 


I had other things to do but I was asked to post a pic I painted so went to where I keep the portfolios and of course the ones I need are gone. Am thinking they got moved to junk pile during the move , accidentally of course.


I am not smoking over it and the thought is not even in my head to smoke. There was a day though...... oh yes...this would have set me into a real crave.


I am actually pretty mad right now, but I know it will pass. The last few days have been stressful at times. Yesterday my dishwasher decided to overrun and throw tons of water and bubbles all over the floor. My nearly 2 year old grandson just laughed...and I wanted to cry, but ended up laughing with him. AND oh the service department call I had to make from Sears.....UGH! Thats another frustrating call of waiting and prompts after prompts....Dang I wish PEOPLE would talk to you and not the stupid Prompts!!!

It is now fixed. Needed a new gasket. Well almost fixed. Gaskets ordered and they come next week to repair it.


My dog ran into my leg last night...He is a big guy and I thought I broke it. But no, its just sore but not broken. It too shall heal.


Am I being tested? Perhaps. I know what to do. I came here and blogged. I prayed. 


I'm over it now. Not mad a bit. It could still turn up and then I will laugh about it. But if it doesn't, oh well. I will make new Art. I'm lucky I didn't suffer the loss many others have in fires, etc....

The Lesson:

I'm going to get away from me today and finish out helping someone else today. Getting away from me normally is the best the thing to do. Takes the focus away from my problem and help someone else. Its advice given to my my a dear woman I so loved and Admired, my own Nana, who passed many years ago at the age of 99. 


She understood that lesson very well and she passed it onto me. Now I pass it onto you.


Just Don't Smoke