Ellen's ( Elvan ) computer is on the Fritz

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on May 25, 2018

Ellen elvan messaged me a bit ago and asked me to let everyone know her computer has died.


She has her hubby looking at it to try to fix it. Meanwhile, she needs prayers as well, I think.


She's suffering a terrible headache and has to work tomorrow. I honestly don't know how she does it. Times are hard for her. Please lift her up in prayers. Her hubby Mike's Blood Pressure is also on the rise and his meds have been increased. He also needs prayers. Her daughter is there now and she is enjoying time with her.


I will keep in touch with her and update when ever I can. I am going to see if I can get my Moms laptop to send to her. We need Ellen online! My Mom was going to get rid of it anyway, I hope she still has it. Or if anyone has one......Let me know.


Happy Memorial Weekend everyone, stay safe! Drinking has ruined a lot of quits...I know Nancy Youngatheart.7.4.12, who I also need to touch base with, would want me to pass that on as well.